ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

ExOfficio Men's Give-n-Go Boxer BriefsWelcome to http://www.boxerunderwears.com where we are dedicated to helping men find comfortable underwear for any event.  We are here to give you reviews on the top underwear out to date and rate each pair on comfort and durability.

This website was created to help others find the best deals and best quality on men’s underwear.  Two years ago I was wearing whatever underwear you could find at Wal-Mart for a cheap price and thought nothing of it.  I was harassed on a regular basis by my girlfriend to try something better that would hug the curves a little more.  So for Christmas I received something that changed the way I would look at clothing.  I got my first pair of ExOfficio’s Men’s Give-N-Go boxer briefs.  I washed them in my next load of laundry and tried them on.  I was hooked!  They fit so well as I looked in the mirror, and the fabric was so comfortable.  As I went through my first day I noticed the chafing I normally got was almost non-existent.  Hooray.

The Best Underwear For  Men?

First off I would like to say that the price might scare some at 15 dollars, but let me tell you what you get with your purchase.  The Give-N-Go underwear are made of 94 percent cotton and 6 percent Lycra which means more stretch while playing sports or any other activity.  On a side note, if you are looking for 100% cotton underwear, check out the Tommy Hilfiger Boxer Briefs. Anyways, these underwear are breathable so things stay cool down below.  I was playing football last week and had no problems with sweat or overheating.  Another thing is they don’t bunch up on either end and stay in place.  Who wants to adjust their underwear between plays?

Now here is what really sold me on these.  ExOfficio treats the fabric with an Aegis Microbe Shield which will reduce and control odor-causing bacteria.  As men we have odors that protrude from most areas of the body.  To find that I smelt fresh down below after working out was a nice bonus!  What else can I say, these underwear rock!  Let’s look at the main features.

What Makes Give-N-Go So Good!

  • They are extremely quick drying so you can wash them on the go and have to pack only a few pairs (great for camping).
  • Treated with an Aegis Microbe Shield which prevents odor-causing bacteria.
  • Give-N-Go’s have a moisture-wicking technology for breathable ease.
  • Has a terry elastic back and functional fly.
  • 6% Lycra/94% Nylon
  • Weighs 3 ounces.

Not only do these underwear feel good, they look good too.  It is important for your partner to like the way your underwear looks.  Big turn off if you are wearing some old and nasty Fruit of the Looms.  So change it up.  Last thing on my rant is that these underwear last forever.  I have 4 pair to date and not a single pair have shrunk, torn, or frayed.  Think of it this way, one pair of the ExOfficios will last 3 times as long compared to most underwear out there.  If you are not convinced, please check out the link below.  We would like to thank our friends at Male Emporium for helping us with our underwear reviews.

If you want the BEST men’s underwear we recommend picking up the ExOfficio Give-n-Go Boxer Briefs below:


Customer Reviews:

By Christoph M. Lee:

The ExOfficio Boxer Brief is the best underwear out there. Period.
Get over the price-scare – yes, $25 is a lot of money for underwear, but they’re well worth it.
Fits well, reduces chafing, wicks sweat, fights odor.
You can live on two pairs of these – wash one at night, wear the other. Wrap it in a towel, stomp dry – should be ready in a few hours. Read More At Amazon.com…..

By Michael H. Clark:

I travel the world and these are perfect. Multi-day wear if necessary or they wash and dry quickly – overnight at the longest. I carry about 4 pair for multi-week trips.
I was skeptical at first but after trying them on the road, these are much more comfortable than any cotton underwear I ever wore. Really a great fabric. And they seem to last forever.  Read More At Amazon.com…

By J:

Very simple. I like a tighter fit when I am playing basketball, flag football, or softball. I have bought other brands – mostly cheaper – and while they seem to fit when I put them on, the legs ride up and the waist ban inches down. That doesn’t happen with these. I get to spend all my time playing and not worrying about how uncomfortable my underwear is.  Read More At Amazon.com…

ExOffico Takes You Places:

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